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Camping Games for Kids

Check out our ideas for games to play with kids while camping. All use only things you will find in the woodland – natural resources and your imagination!

Camping games for kids are a great idea to think about before your camping or glamping trip to The Secret Campsite. You might want to bring some things with you like a deck of cards, a favourite board game or a set of boules. But fear not – even if you have no manmade resources to hand, nature and a little imagination can provide. Here are some ideas for camping games for kids…

Natural noughts and crosses

Finding the resources for this game is a fun challenge before you even start! Collect four long, thin sticks to lay out a noughts and crosses grid and then collect two sets of five similar items – such as five pine cones and five leaves, or five acorns and five stones. Two players can then play against each other as you would in noughts and crosses with each selecting their set of markers and taking it in turns to lay them in the grid with the aim of being the first one to get three pine cones, leaves or acorns in a row.

Hide and seek

Needs no explanation but one of the truly great camping games for kids.

Cloud shapes

What could be better than lying back and looking at the sky from your wooded glade at The Secret Campsite? Challenge the kids to spot familiar shapes in the clouds.

Scissors, paper, stone

Another old classic but can be surprisingly addictive and while it was a popular playground pastime for older generations, it’s just possible that your kids have never played it.

A nature scavenger hunt

Come up with a list of things for your kids to find in the woods and send them out to scavenge. For example: an oak leaf, an acorn, a pine cone, a stick that looks like the letter Y, a bluebell, a white flower… the list can be as long as you like! Just take a look around for inspiration.

Alphabet scavenger hunt

As above but more tricky! Challenge your kids to find something from the woodland beginning with each letter of the alphabet. You might need to let them pick some stuff from the camp area too (a zip for the Z, for example!).

Campfire group story

One of the camping games for kids that needs to be played around the campfire. While sitting in a circle start a story, perhaps with the words ‘Once upon a time…’, and then have each person take turns to add a word to build a tale. You’ll probably get some interesting results but it’ll keep the kids entertained.

Build a fairy house

A great idea for younger kids – get them to make a home for fairies using the natural resources around them. Bark for a bed, catkins for the mattress, acorn cups for bowls and so on.

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