Group glamping and camping options

Both our Eco Camp at Wild Boar Wood Campsite and Eco Camp at Beech Estate Campsite offer some great Sussex group glamping and camping options. Whether you want to camp with a couple of friends in neighbouring bell tents or fancy hiring out a whole meadow for extended family to pitch their tents in, we’ll have something to tempt you.

Our off-grid woodland campsites are designed to help you relax in natural surroundings. Wild Boar Wood and Beech Estate Woodland Campsites are perfect if you want to catch up with friends and family around the campfire. Our Eco Camp campsites are quiet, family-friendly sites and amplified music is not allowed at any time – great for a relaxed gathering but if you’re looking for an all-night party then it’s not the right place.

Sussex Group glamping and camping at Wild Boar Wood

Sussex group glamping and camping

Wild Boar Wood is our glamping-only site near Haywards Heath in West Sussex. There are just nine bell tents in the a small five-acre bluebell woodland.

The campsite is perfect for small groups of two, three or four families to glamp together.   We have designed the campsite layout and placed some of the bell tents to allow for smaller groups to be able to share a fire and be located alongside each other. For families this ensures that if the parents stay up later chatting around the campfire, they can hear their children if they should wake up.

Full campsite bookings are available too and mean that families or groups can book all nine bell tents for exclusive use of the woodland, the tents and the facilities. Groups can gather together in the central area where there is a larger fire pit area

Each bell tent has it’s own fire-pit and we have a central campfire, which is located under a parachute, which is perfect for group campfires. In wet weather this allows for a group glamping together to shelter from the elements and still cook on an open fire.  

For more information on Sussex group glamping or camping at The Secret Campsites please contact the office by emailing  or by calling the office on 01273 401100 [9am-5pm Monday to Friday].

Sussex group glamping and camping at Beech Estate

At Beech Estate Campsite we have forest tent pitches for people with their own tents and pre-erected bell tents for people who want a taste of off-grid woodland camping made easy. For Sussex group glamping and camping options at this site near Battle in East Sussex we offer the following options:

Large Group Camping Option – Woodland Meadow (10-15 families)
Sussex group glamping
The Woodland Meadow is ideal for a larger group of families wishing to pitch their own tents together. This area is generally reserved exclusively for a group of 10-15 families – but on occasions we do split the area to include two groups. The meadow is a unique tree-lined area, relatively close to the car park and within a short distance of the flushing toilet facilities (including indoor and outdoor showers). The meadow also has it’s own compost toilet and drinking water point. This area provides a group with a pitch well away from other campers in your own section of the campsite.
Faraway Pitch Group Option – F4 (6-8 families)
Sussex group glamping
The Faraway Group Pitch (F4) is a large clearing situated on the ridge of the valley, bordered on one side by the woodland and overlooking Beech Creek. It is an area large enough for up to eight tents, with the ability to include F3, a big double pitch next door. The Faraway Pitches, although a further walk from the car park (approx. 300m), are among the most spectacularly scenic of the camping spots at Beech Estate. There is a compost toilet, washing-up area and two bucket showers (all supplied with hot/drinking water) nearby. The flushing toilet facilities are approximately 150-200m away. This area provides a group with a pitch well away from other campers in your own section of the campsite.
Group Glamping and Camping Combination
There is the option for groups at Beech Estate of combining your own pitched tents with our ready-pitched glamping bell tents. There are several different options for combining tents in this way in different areas of the campsite. There are a maximum of 4 bell tents within a close range of each other that can be combined with 3-4 other pitches. Please contact the booking office to arrange the most suitable option.
Small Group Options (2-5 families)
A smaller group has the option of utilising a combination of pitches within the main camping area. We have a number of large spaces with room for five tents (depending on size). The flushing toilet facilities are approximately 100m away but all other facilities, including bucket showers, washing-up area and compost toilets, are close by.

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