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Spotting wildlife

The Secret Campsite Lewes is perfect for spotting wildlife, it’s alive with it. Dragonflies flit around the pond, deer stalk the woods and slow worms and snakes curl up under discarded wood. Here’s a brief guide to some of the animals and wildlife you can spot. Have a look at our map showing locations mentioned.


How to identify them: Smaller than snakes, smooth grey/pink skin. Females darker with a stripe down the back.

Where to see them: They burrow, but can be found under wooden boards in the meadow or a sunny spot.

When to see them: In the summer – they hibernate from October to March.

Grass Snake

How to identify them: Largest British snake (70-100cm) with dark green body and dark spots to rear and yellow collar.

Where to see them: Usually in sunny spots on open grassland, often near the pond (they can swim) or on a mound.

When to see them: On hot summer days.


How to identify them: Orange/brown with a white belly and throat. Black tip on tail. Cute! (BUT THEY ARE KILLERS!).

Where to see them: Usually dashing across open meadows. Rare.

When to see them: All day and all year round when lucky.

wildlife spotting at the campsite in Lewes

Common glow worm

How to identify them: They’re glowing! These bioluminescent beetles glow green in the dark.

Where to see them: On the grasslands at night.

When to see them: At night! Best in June & July.


How to identify them: Fallow deer usually have white spots on a reddy back and a black and white tail.

Where to see them: Look into the woods that border the campsite.

When to see them: All year round. You’ll hear them rutting in autumn.


How to identify them: Small (65cm), reddy brown or grey with zig-zag pattern down the back.

Where to see them: Often near the mound in the orchard.

When to see them: April-September basking on sunny days.

Barn Owl

How to identify them: Heart-shaped face, white chest, browny wings.

Where to see them: Along the edges of the campsite.

When to see them: All year, best at dark.

wildlife spotting at the campsite in Sussex


How to identify them: Males are blue-grey on the back and orange/brown stripes on the chest and belly. Females have a brown back and brown stripes underneath.

Where to see them: Around the woodland edges.

When to see them: Best in spring, but all year round.

Elephant Hawk Moth

How to identify them: It’s massive and it’s pink and green. Amazing.

Where to see them: Woodland edges, hard to spot. Use a light to attract.

When to see them: July.


How to identify them: A bit bigger than a robin, and plain brown.

Where to see them: You’re more likely to hear their beautiful song, but in thick bush near the old train line.

When to see them: April-June.

Green woodpecker

How to identify them: Stocky body, green upper, paler chest, red on its head.

Where to see them: Oddly, on the ground in the grass. Eating ants.

When to see them: All year.

Pipistrelle bat

How to identify them: Very small with reddy brown coats.

Where to see them: All over the campsite.

When to see them: At dusk and night April to September.


As well as spotting wildlife when you’re camping, you could go on a bug hunt.

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