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Den Building

Den building – camping in woodland areas

Our three woodland campsites are the perfect place to let your kids (and imagination) run wild. We encourage exploration of our woodlands and allow den building – if it uses deadwood from the forest floor.

Den building was number four in the National Trust’s much-trumpeted 50 Things To Do Before You’re 11 3/4 list a few years ago. Come camping at The Secret Campsite’s Wild Boar WoodBeech Estate or Lewes campsite and you’re bound to agree that they are the perfect place to test your den-building skills. Here are a few tips on how to get started…

Find the perfect spot

The ideal woodland den should be built on flat land and the best ones use a natural structure like a fallen tree or branch as the main support. There are plenty of spots like this in our camping sites. 

Build your walls

Gather fallen sticks and branches to lean against the main support to create walls for your den. 

Make it warm and weatherproof

Depending on how ambitious you are feeling in your den building – you might like to try and close the gaps between the upright branches on your den by weaving vines or flexible, thinner branches horizontally. You can also layer the walls afterwards by filling the gaps with mud, moss, leaves and more branches. Remember, don’t break branches off living trees – stick to ones that have fallen naturally.

Add home comforts

You can layer the floor of your den to make it more comfortable or find stumps and logs for seating, add decoration both inside and out. Use your imagination and enjoy your new hideaway!

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