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Camp activities for kids

There is so much to keep the kids entertained at our campsites. From building dens in the woodland, to hunting for bugs, to learning to build a campfire. But just in case you run out of things to entertain them – here are some of our favourite games and activities to play when camping with the kids.

Play quadrangle – four sticks and a world of wonder

Do you get a Proustian rush from the word ‘quadrangle’? Just us? Summer days at school in the field opening a wooden square, plonking it ‘randomly’ on the ground and recording the species of wildlife, plant life and scat? It has its basis in scientific survey of course, but it’s great fun for the kids to do when you’re camping. Simply gather four sticks around 30cm each and make a square on a piece of ground and see how many bugs and plants you can find. Be amazed.

The Great Colour Hunt

This can keep the kids amused for hours (and anyone who regularly has to look at a Pantone book for work). Send the offspring off with a suitable receptacle to find as many different coloured things as possible (try to leave the rare orchids in the ground though!). Dead leaves, violets, bark – it all goes in. Once you think you have everything, then come back and make a rainbow collage, or perhaps cut five pieces of paper and paste all the similar coloured pieces on them. Perfect for collages.

Blindfold Game

So simple… but so fun. Blindfold the willing (and trusting) participant and hunt for increasingly difficult things to guess. Snail – easy, buttercups? Harder. Rabbit dropping? Snigger.


For more camping activities try the The Woodland Trusts Nature Detectives, tons of camping activities for kids.

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