Things to do

Build a campfire

We’re not going to get all Outward Bound on you, but you’ll have to build a campfire while you are here. It’s the law. We provide dry firewood, kindling and some cardboard.

There are many ways to build a fire and we’ve tried and tested the majority of them. But like most things at The Secret Campsites, we like to keep things simple.

Here’s 5 easy steps…

how to build a campfire
Step 1

Rip up some cardboard or paper and rest 4/5 pieces of kindling over the top in a pyramid shape. Light a match and light the cardboard.

campfires allowed at the campsite
Step 2

As the first bits of kindling light, gently add more (important throughout is not to smother the fire).

chopping wood for the campfire in Sussex
Step 3

The firewood could do with chopping. Ask for an axe and chop down 3/4 pieces.

Building a fire at the campsite near Lewes
Step 4

By now the fire should be going. Gently rest the larger pieces of chopped wood on it and keep building it up.

Get a fire going at the campsite in Lewes
Step 5

Get it pretty hot from the outset, especially if you are cooking over it. Once the base is there, then it should take the bigger pieces – perhaps chop them a bit just in case.

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