Nothing much happens here.

But, when it does, we like to share the secrets with you. Some of you might be interested and it might help you plan your next escape.

Goodbye old campsite office

We have just been granted planning permission from Lewes district council to dismantle the old office and packing shed and build a new reception area office, workshop and store for the campsite. We are very excited.

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Wildflower meadow gets a trim

Its that time of year where normally we would have cut the wildflower meadow at the campsite, but this year we were dealt a cruel blow when the Allen scythe broke down.

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Is wildlife important to you?

Being based in Sussex, the Secret Campsite is a big supporter of Sussex Wildlife Trust and we wanted to share this video that they have created with you.

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Wildflower meadow gets an upgrade

I'm back, after a frenetic seasons camping throughout the school holidays. Now that the campers have slowed down I can breath out and return to posting a few items on the website, so here goes.

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Herbal infusions

Last week i was castigated by a camper for describing our herbal infusions as herbal teas. I'm not one to be to picky about the leaves we harvest for our hot drinks, but i did rather see the point that was being made.

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Red Kite pays us a visit

We have the Secret Wildlife Festival on this weekend and its the first time I have seen a Red Kite flying over the campsite. So here is a picture to prove that i have managed to take a picture. Real camping with nature

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Secret Wildlife Festival 2016

Last week was nothing, the tension here has finally broken as I received news from Woods Mill of this years agenda for the Secret Wildlife Festival that we host each year at the Secret Campsite with Sussex Wildlife Trust.

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How not to put a tent up

We have just bought an event tent for The Secret Wildlife Festival this weekend, and disaster struck shortly after we had put it up.

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