Our visit to the Brighton i360

If you’re camping near Brighton (or just a visitor to the seaside city) and looking for something exciting to occupy a few hours and you aren’t scared of cities, you could do a lot worse than visit the Brighton i360. We wanted to experience this new Brighton landmark and let you know our honest appraisal.

So we decided to make out like tourists and last weekend we nipped into Brighton to have a look and a short trip on the i360.

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The Brighton i360 is an enormous tower with a doughnut shaped capsule that slides up and down every half an hour. The clear capsule is beautifully designed and inside there is seating all around the perimeter. on the inner wall is a simple bar where you can buy hot drinks cold drinks and light refreshments as well as ice creams. One person on our flight was sipping champagne and seemed to be celebrating something not very significant with her family.

Being slightly nervous of heights, the clear panels at floor level around the perimeter of the doughnut are a touch unsettling, but I composed myself and held on to the handrail. This had a very calming affect. The pod was busy, but not at all crowded, so you could take in the breathtaking views out to sea to the wind farm that is built 10 miles off the shore. Very impressive.

Looking North we couldn’t quite see the Secret Campsite which is only 12 miles from Brighton, but hidden by the South Downs. Gazing East you are drawn to the amazing and very beautiful Seven Sisters and turning West, Bognor or Selsey seem to be the furthest place visible.

But, if you chose to ditch the camping and head into Brighton because of the weather, you are likely to be disappointed with the views. These are likely to stop at the Brighton promenade and Hove lawns. Nice though they both are you can see them from one of the hotel cafes or bars instead. This approach will save you a few pounds and provide some sustenance to boot.

The Brighton i360 is sponsored by BA so everything including baggage checks have an airport feel.

The i360 is located on the seafront where the West Pier would have struck land. Sadly all that remains of the West Pier is part of its skeleton as it burnt down some years ago after falling into disrepair. Now its just a whopping great roost for a starling colony, a murmuration to the expert. This is something that we at the Secret Campsites love, reusing something that is no longer used.

If you need some other ideas for things to do on your camping trip, Brighton has lots more to offer including these attractions listed on our campsite things to do pages.

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