Home for the hedgehogs

I had my birthday last week and my daughters clubbed together to get me the present of my dreams

No cruise through the Galapagos, a week on Madagascar or hiking though Nepal. No, I was treated to a hedgehog house which we are going to install under one of the hedges adjoining the campsite.

We have had a family of hedgehogs hanging around at the campsite for a few years now, since we opened in 2012. Tragically, we occasionally see a hedgehog squashed on the road down near the farm shop but this hasn’t reduced the number f sightings we have in the orchard or other parts of the camping meadows.

Our hope is that another dwelling for the little critters to live in will help their numbers grow around the site. This will be a welcomed addition to our fauna and a great form of slug control, so we stuck some hay in t make it even more comfortable


A couple of years ago we used some ink pads to get some foot prints in one of our hedgehog tunnels kindly borrowed from Michael Blencowe and his team from Sussex Wildlife Trust. I have attached a picture of the resident hog as proof they share the campsite with us

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