Great Crested Newt visits the campsite

The  Secret campsite opened this weekend so i have been out on site getting pitches ready and seeing what is around. So imagine my delight when I turned over one of the reptile boards and found a Great Crested Newt. David and his son Noah who were cmping with us took this fantastic photograph. Its better in the text than the header

photo courtesy of David Katznelson

Further down the campsite near Pond pitch in the Orchard, I turned over one of the logs that we use as campfire seats and found 3 young smooth newts trying to look hidden amongst some earthworms and ants.

A this time of year, newts are still very cold and lethargic, so if you see them and they arent moving, it doesnt mean they’re dead. It just means they are waking up and havent felt the sun on their backs for a few months.

Thats amphibians for you.

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