News - Month: April 2016

Nothing much happens here.

But, when it does, we like to share the secrets with you. Some of you might be interested and it might help you plan your next escape.

Bluebells everywhere

This is a beautiful time of year around the campsite. Some of the pitches looking into the woodland get the most amazing display of bluebells with a carpet of blue flowers stretching into the heart of Knowlands Wood.

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Cool Place of the Day

We were really pleased to hear that we have been listed as the Cool Place to stay in the Independent travel section, on 26th April.     How true this was.

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Michael Blencowes insect exploration

Last Sunday Michael and a group of entomologists from the RSPB and Sussex Wildlife Trust along with some independent experts congregated at the Secret campsite to go on a bug hunt along the old railway track that runs through the campsite.

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The Nightingales have arrived

This part of Sussex is a great location for Nightingales and every year we get a number of males establishing territories along the old railway track that runs through the Secret Campsite.

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Free drinks at the campsite

Its a blazing hot summers day and you have been on a long walk in dusty fields, or perhaps, you get back to the campsite after wild swimming in the river at Barcombe Mills and want to slake your thirst or, your feet are hot and aching and the pe...

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Wildlife and Wild places

Today I heard an announcement from the wildlife trusts about their wildlife and wild places campaign aimed at getting children in touch with nature and the natural world.

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Tree gives up

The storm that swept through Sussex last weekend claimed an ash tree in the camping meadow.

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