News - Month: March 2016

Nothing much happens here.

But, when it does, we like to share the secrets with you. Some of you might be interested and it might help you plan your next escape.

Help the song thrush

The RSPB announced the results of their big garden bird watch today and the house sparrow is number one which is great news.

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Real camping Feast

This all stemmed from a simple question I had on Friday from the first campers who checked in this year. They asked where they could get some great food for their supper on a bank holiday.

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Why sheep make a noise at night?

At this time of year farmers are often putting the ewes and their young lambs out into the meadows and fields where they will spend the sunny summer days.

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How far to Pooh Bridge

Lots of people camping at The Secret Campsite come with their family and there is often one or two members of the party, who are fans of Winnie the Pooh.

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Signs of Spring at the Campsite

Its world book day today which created the opportunity for a walk to school up the old railway track that runs through the campsite. I was accompanied by members of the cast from Little House on the Prairie and Billionaire Boy.

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