News - Month: May 2015

Nothing much happens here.

But, when it does, we like to share the secrets with you. Some of you might be interested and it might help you plan your next escape.

Campfire cooks rejoice

I have at last listed the fire stands that my friend Steve Windsor  from the Blacksmiths shop in Sussex made for us over the winter. There rugged little bits of kit that are perfect for cooking over a campfire.

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Housing crisis for the birds and bats

I have just finished putting up some more bird and bat boxes around the perimeter of the Secret campsite. Sussex has lots of woodland and as a result we are a haven for species such as bats which need plenty of places to roost.

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Sunflowers and weird fruits

The campsites unusual edible orchard has just been undersown with a crop of sunflowers and Phacelia. Phacelia is a beautiful mauve flower that attracts the bees in their droves, all sorts come along bumble bees, mason bees, honeybees.

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Weeds and a walk on the Ashdown Forest

Therri the Sussex herbalist who grows plants in a polytunnel next to The Secret campsites claims to be able to cure someone's ails from this motley band of weeds. Displaying today we have cleavers, stinging nettles and yellow docks.

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Campsite badger footage

It's a shame, but whenever humans are around nature tends to get pushed to the edges of the space we are in so we often miss the wildlife that is all around us.

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Elderflower Fields family festival in Sussex

Although we are full up this coming bank holiday at The Secret Campsite you can still enjoy some warm sussex hospitality at the brilliant Elderflower Fields Family Festival at Pippingford Park near to Forest Row and the beautiful Ashdown Forest.

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Seeds sown and farmers market in sussex

Yesterday I spent the morning sowing seeds in the polytunnel that we can pot up later in the summer. We always concentrate on sowing perennials and biennial plants around the campsite as they are great for lazy gardening.

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