News - Month: February 2014

Nothing much happens here.

But, when it does, we like to share the secrets with you. Some of you might be interested and it might help you plan your next escape.

Caucasian Pears planted

My friend Paul Barney stayed with us, next door to The Secret Campsite when he was down in Lewes and Brighton a couple of weeks ago for the annual Seedy Sunday event that takes place in both of these interesting Sussex towns.

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RSPB walk

Last week a brave band of 20 or so people from Sussex turned up for the RSPB walk into and around Knowlands Woods that started at The Secret Campsite.

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Cooking shelters planted

We have caught the local bug for withy structures and have asked local expert Sandra Hurst Chico to build us a couple of small secret shelters on the campsite, one for the Tree Tent and one for our new Gridshell which will be ready in May.

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Sussex Wildlife Trusts Wildlife Weekend

The Secret Campsite is hosting a wildlife weekend with Sussex Wildlife Trust on 12th July. The campsite will be closed for normal camping over the weekend with only attendees at the event being able to camp.

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Wildlife shelter installed

We have just built a wildlife shelter that makes use of the vegetation that we have been clearing from specific parts around the campsite.

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