News - Month: January 2014

Nothing much happens here.

But, when it does, we like to share the secrets with you. Some of you might be interested and it might help you plan your next escape.

RSPB walk in Knowlands Wood

On Wednesday Richard Black from the RSPB popped over to plan his event for the 12th February when the RSPB will be running a guided walk through Knowlands Woods which borders the Secret Campsite and is run by owners Nick and Harriet Lear as a natu...

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Wild garlic planted

My love of freshly picked food sparked an order of wild garlic bulbs last week which I planted out this weekend around the campsite. I sourced the bulbs from Stonecat rural enterprises based in Denbigh.

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Common Brimstone Butterflies

To encourage more Common Brimstone butterflies into the campsite for everyone to enjoy during the hot summer days we have planted a number of Buckthorn trees around the camping meadow.

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Trees around the campsite

Today I have been restaking and guarding any trees that have been knocked about in the strong winds that we have had here at the Secret Campsite.

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The Mysterious Moon Twilight Workshop

Why is the Moon so important to us? How was it made? Why did we land there? Learn all about our satellite including its many features. Make fantastic craters and hopefully examine some real Moon rock.

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A wild day in the woods

This event with the Sussex Wildlife Trust will follow the footprints into the woods. Don’t get lost. Find our fire site hidden in the trees and join us for a day in the forest.

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Migration walk in Lewes

Join Mike Russell as he leads a walk around Lewes with the Sussex Wildlife Trust looking (and listening) for our summer migrant birds which have returned from Africa. Lewes is 4 miles from The Secret Campsite in East Sussex

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