The Gridshell

The Gridshell

The Gridshell was built from locally sourced wooden laths of ash, clad in a heavy duty waterproof sail canvas and it will happily sleep up to 4 people plus 2 extras on roll mats inside. Alternatively you can pitch a tent outside on the adjoining grass area as long as the numbers don’t breach our pitch limits of 7 people in total. The Gridshell is located in the Orchard part of the campsite, with its own firepit and a large grass area where you can relax and enjoy the sunshine and Sussex wildlife all around you at The Secret Campsite. It was designed and buils by Brighton based inventor Jason Thawley, creator of the Tree Tent.

What is provided

  • 2 double beds with mattresses, 1 of these is left as a sofa
  • 2 extra roll mats for anyone lucky enough to be sleeping inside on the floor
  • The Gridshell has a simple internal light
  • Free hot showers and toilets
  • Fire pit with 2 eclectic chairs for you to relax in front of the campfire
  • Willow withy and table for campers to cook on. The withy offers a little protection from the elements, but not much so you may want to bring your own cooking shelter.
  • A box containing a camping stove, kettle, mugs, plates, cutlery, a saucepan

What you need to bring

  • Sleeping bags/bedding/pillows
  • Food
  • Towels, tea Towels, rubbish bags, torches/lanterns
  • Suitable clothing(warm and dry)
  • Wellies, if the weather hasn’t been kind!

We would also recommend: Marshmallows, Cooking Oil, Foil/Cling Film/Kitchen roll, Food Storage Boxes, A Cool Box (if you have lots of food and drink), Extra Lanterns, Games, Insect Repellent, Sun Cream and a sense of adventure….

Please note that you can’t cook inside The Gridshell, so you should bring along any cooking shelter that you require such as a small tent or a gazebo. The willow withy only offers shade not protection from the rain

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