Alternative Camping Lifestyle? Off-Grid Campsite Warden Required.

Hi all. To anyone interested in one of our off-grid campsite warden jobs, we are always (in late 2018) looking for a new warden applicants. These can be to part-time roles to support our current wardens or to take over the roles at a campsite, should our staff not return in 2019. The full-time roles suit couples in particular. If you are interested register your interest by emailing the office via the contact page.

Overview of the Campsite Warden Jobs at Wild Boar Wood & Beech Estate Campsites

Are you interested in living an alternative lifestyle? Eco Camp UK from time to time require suitable people for our campsite warden jobs to work and live at our two Sussex woodland campsite. Our camping seasons run from April/May to October. Both campsites are off-grid. The positions often are likely to suit a couple or individual seeking an alternative way of living, with a love of people and nature.

The primary responsibility of the warden(s) is to enhance the experience of our campers and ensure their wellbeing.

The warden(s) is responsible for the safety and security of the campers and the campsite.  Meeting and greeting the campers and making them feel welcome are of great importance. We consider the role to be one of service to our guests, to answer any questions they may have, also one of ‘troubleshooting’ and dealing with possible problems, ideally before they occur. Responsibilities could range from assisting lost guests, dealing with difficulties due to weather conditions or maintenance tasks.

Our local area planning permission requires the warden(s) to be onsite at all times guests are present. Hence the role requires the warden to live at the campsite in one of our Bell Tents complete with wood-burning stove (Wild Boar Wood) or inside a Large Wagon (at Beech Estate). Please note the following;

  • Both campsites are off-grid so no electricity
  • You need to love camping and nature
  • There are electricity points at both farms away from the campsites that can be used
  • No dogs are allowed due the local planning restrictions
  • Toilets are compost loos
  • The showers are gravity feed bucket showers with the warm water coming from a wood burning stove or small gas fired heater, so no running hot water on tap as such
  • There is a constant fresh water supply
  • Owning your own vehicle will be a big advantage

Whilst the position and it’s associated responsibilities are part-time in nature, suitable applicants will likely see this position as a lifestyle choice, as their presence will be required onsite in the evenings and the peak guests times on weekends etc.

The warden is responsible for cleaning of the bell tents after they are vacated. Cleaning of the toilets and shower. They are also responsible for the general maintenance and tidying of the campsite.

For more information on Wild Boar Wood or Beech Estate Woodland Campsites visit our website;

Warden Characteristics – Campsite Warden Jobs

  • Hard working, diligent and responsible
  • MUST have your own vehicle or be happy to cycle daily to farm storage etc.
  • Enjoys interacting with people, including children, with a strong customer service focus
  • Loves the outdoors and camping
  • Physically fit and active – there is a degree of lifting and moving of heavy objects required.
  • Would suit people seeking an alternative lifestyle
  • Relaxed, down to earth, happy person – we run a chilled out campsite
  • Practical with good general maintenance and DIY skills
  • Self-starter, who is not satisfied with average and thinks outside the box.
  • Would suit a couple who share the responsibilities

Timing & Commitment – Campsite Warden Jobs

  • The position(s) will be from sometime to start in mid to late March or the start of April. Although a late April start at one campsite may be possible.
  • One job is until early October at one campsite and end of October at another.
  • Weekends are generally busy, however outside of school holidays generally the campsites are generally quiet midweek.
  • In April the focus is on setting up the campsites, maintenance and building projects.
  • Wardens may be asked to swap locations (between East and West Sussex) as cover or to provide variety, or to allow specialist skills to be used of one warden at different sites.
  • Expected hours working ranges between 20 hours per week to 40 plus hours in peak times.
  • Salary is based on approximately 25-40 paid hours per week at minimum wage rates plus accommodation onsite.  The pay will be adjusted according to the time of year and the jobs the warden takes on.
  • Mileage at 30 pence per mile for work related travel will be paid.
  • The potential hours will depend on whether the warden is adept at small building and maintenance works, amongst other considerations.


As a warden you will be expected to live onsite in one of our four metre bell tents at Wild Boar Wood or in the Warden hut at Beech Estate. We envisage a warden hut being included at Wild Boar Wood during the season.  Both have wood-burning stoves. We supply you with a bed, memory foam topper in a carpeted bell tent – 2.4 metres high and with a four-metre diameter. The Wagon has a double and two bunk beds. Outside you will have your own campfire, eco stove, picnic table, director’s chairs etc.  All plates cub, cookware etc is supplied.

We supply you with all your firewood for cooking and a great adventure living off-grid in the lovely Sussex Countryside.

It is may NOT possible to have your own campervan or other tents onsite due to our restrictive planning conditions. At Beech Estate a campervan may be possible, but there is no electricity or chemical disposal.

We provide a mobile phone for work related use.


Responsibilities for Campsite Warden Jobs

Bell Tent Set-Up & Take Down (limited)

  • Where applicable set-up bell tents and kit out with equipment on the for the campers.
  • Some movements and repositioning of Bell Tents around the campsite.

Guests Arrival & Departure

  • Liaise with guest before arrival to confirm ETA
  • Meet and greet guests on arrival
  • Assist with belongings from car park to campsite, ensuring trolleys and wheelbarrows are available
  • Ensue guest only park in car park area (due to council regulations)
  • Show guest to their accommodation, pointing out the equipment
  • Provide tour of our campsite, discussing philosophy, protection of flora and fauna, safety procedures etc.
  • Particular focus on our ecological focus and the woodland re-growth program.
  • Explain use of toilets and wood burner/water heater for shower
  • Explain rubbish and noise policy
  • Provide with firewood allocation and sell additional if required
  • Provide fresh drinking water in 25 litre dispenser

Bell Tent Preparation & Cleaning

  • Bell tent exterior brushed down and kept clean
  • Fire-pit cleared out & eco stove cleaned
  • Kindling, matches and newspaper re-stocked
  • Picnic table and chairs cleaned
  • Cool Box cleaned
  • Dinnerware and Cookware checked and cleaned
  • Carpet vacuumed and entrance brushed
  • Interior tidied.
  • Beds brushed and arranged
  • Bin liner replaced
  • Allocate bed combinations to tents as required for upcoming bookings
  • One or two tents per week to have ‘spring clean’ or possible rotation

Campsite Cleaning and Maintenance

  • The general campsite should be kept very clean and tidy at all times.
  • Campsite surrounding trees surveyed for any dangerous branches.
  • Toilets checked and cleaned morning and evening.
  • Compost toilet waste disposal via Environmental Health standard procedures (getting rid of the poo and wee).
  • Shower checked and cleaned morning and evening.
  • Water containers cleaned and filled.
  • Kitchen shed cleaned and tidied daily
  • Central fire pit cleared.
  • Path, solar path lights and borders maintained.
  • Apply wood-chip to damp area

General Duties

  • Ensure the campers have an enjoyable stay
  • Supervise the campsite and maintain safe practices
  • Ensure the low noise policy is observed
  • Stack firewood when delivered.
  • Sale of additional firewood to campers.
  • Repair and maintenance work around campsite.
  • Visit Farm each day to collect ice blocks for campers.
  • Liaise with Campsite Manager regarding bookings and general matters.
  • General duties and responsibilities as required.

Specific Task List To Include.

  • Clean Toilet/Shower AM
  • Clean Toilets/Shower Midday
  • Clean Toilet/Shower  PM
  • Empty Wee Containers
  • Empty Compost Loos
  • Clean Wash-up Area AM
  • Clean Wash-Up Area PM
  • Clean Shed & Campsite
  • Water Heater AM
  • Water Heater PM
  • CALL HUGH 10am
  • COLLECT ICE BLOCKS & Visit Store, Recharge Kit
  • Distribute ICE BLOCKS
  • FIREWOOD Distributed
  • Check Bell Tents Daily
  • Weekly Clean Two tents
  • Meet & Greet Guests
  • Twilight Walk Around
  • Daily Record in LOG BOOK
  • Ensure Phone Battery Charged
  • Ensure Vacuum Charged
  • Ensure Leisure Battery Charged
  • Stack Firewood
  • Maintenance Work


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